About us

Tailor-made property management

Founded in 2013, Waypoint Real Estate GmbH, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a specialist real estate management company focused on the management of complex properties and property portfolios in the retail, office, logistic and light industrial segments across the German-speaking world.

We are fully committed to our company and the properties under management, and consider ourselves as a strategic and pro-active partner for our clients, focused on preserving and enhancing value.

We offer our clients high levels of experience over the whole of the property cycle, and specifically for the optimisation, management, acquisition and disposal of real estate. Furthermore, we specialise in property management and the repositioning of commercial properties and real estate portfolios.

Our years of experience pays off for you

As a result of our many years working in the property industry, we have been able to build up an extensive network of contacts, in Germany and abroad.

The senior management team has also worked with many international and domestic properties and a wide range of clients over their professional careers.

We currently manage assets worth around €200m in German-speaking countries for our international clients. The portfolio under management is predominantly retail, but also includes a mix of warehousing and logistic properties and offices.

Due to our many years of experience in the real estate market, we have a large network in the market beyond the borders of Germany.